Zoidis Evangelos

Zoidis Evangelos
Assistant Professor
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Evangelos Zoidis graduated (1996) with a Diploma in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Sciences, Biochemistry Department, of the University of Zurich (Switzerland). In 2000 he attained a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Zurich. He then spent 2½ years (2000-2003) as post-doctoral fellow at the University Hospital of Zurich. In 2004 he joined the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece) where he worked 3 years as senior scientist and was then (2008) appointed as Lecturer at the Department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding, Faculty of Animal Sciences and Aquaculture. His research interests focus on nutritional physiology, endocrinology and molecular metabolism: Study of phosphate, sodium and vitamin D metabolism and genetic mutations that affect them, relationship between food interactions and physiology/homeostasis of the skeletal and digestive system, sodium-phosphate transport systems and glucose transport systems in vivo and in vitro, study of the pituitary-endocrine axis pancreas: growth hormone and actions of IGF I, gene/protein expression and cloning, endopeptidases/membrane isoenzymes and control of gene expression, selenium/selenoproteins: metabolism and actions/gene expression.