Hadjigeorgiou Ioannis

Hadjigeorgiou Ioannis
Associate Professor
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Ioannis Hadjigeorgiou graduated (1980) with a BSc in Agricultural Engineering (Animal Husbandry) from the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece). In March 1991, he graduated the Pedagogic Department of School for Technical Education. He then attained a PhD from the School of Agriculture at the University of Aberdeen (UK) in 1996. He also worked as a scientific advisor in animal feed industries and in the Ministry of Agriculture (1981-2000). Ioannis was appointed as Lecturer (2001) and Assistant Professor (2009) at the Department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding (Faculty of Animal Sciences and Aquaculture) on the subjects of grazing land management and animal nutrition. His current research interests are: Grazing land management, livestock systems in integrated rural development, developing indicators for high nature value farming area, information and services related to organic agriculture, methodological grids for payment calculations in rural development measures in the EU.