Triantafyllopoulos Konstantinos

Triantafyllopoulos Konstantinos
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PhD holder in Biological Sciences, University of Patras, Dpt. Cellular and Molecular Biology (1994). Thesis title: " Action Spectrum of Cab gene transcription during its stabilization in the thylakoid membrane". Scholarship from the Institute of Biology, National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos", by exams and interview (1987). Scholarship from the IMBB (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) of the University of Crete by exams and interview (1986). Graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens (1985).



  •  Molecular, cellular biology, biochemistry/biotechnology. Gene identification, cloning, protein expression and regulation with emphasis on mammals genetics and immune system. Molecular mechanisms in normal or impaired state especially related to monogenic and multi-factorial genetic traits of DNA or non-DNA inheritance. Epigenetic mechanisms.


  • Comparative genomics in farm animals in comparison to the human. Transcriptome of coding and non-coding RNAs, in farm animals. Next-generation sequencing and application in comparative genomics. Epigenome and chromatin studies in animal cells.
  • The biology and characterization of genes involved in lipogenesis in ruminants (cloning genes involved in lipogenesis of Ovis aries), as well as their regulation. Transcriptional and proteome cascades orchestrating lipogenesis/adipogenesis among species.
  • Diversification of genetic (polymorphisms) and protein profile (proteomic profile) in livestock in relation to the potential physiological and productive characteristics, the gene regulatory network and the control mechanisms involved / responsible, modified by the epigenetic mechanisms accompanying them.
  • Stress-induced biomarkers investigation. Immunological and resistance mechanisms involved in relation to the genetic variability of animals. Innate immunity mechanisms. The effects of parasitic diseases and inflammation or any kind of stress, in health and welfare of farm animals, in relation to the animal genetics.
  • Bio-technological applications in agricultural and livestock production. Applications and translational research in animal science, including aquaculture, in order to improve animal production health and welfare. Precision Livestock Farming applications to designing hi-tech monitoring system for the best productive conditions of farm animals, by bio-and nano-technology.