Theodorou Georgios

Theodorou Georgios
Assistant Professor
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During the early steps of my research career I worked οn the molecular characterization of the central oscillator of the circadian clock in plants as part of my undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (MSc) projects at King's College, University of London (2000-2002). However, my research career began in earnest with the undertaking of my doctoral thesis at the Department of Animal Sciences and Aquaculture of the Agricultural University of Athens on: “Isolation of the ovine cDNAs of the genes involved in the plasmin-plasminogen system: their role in the mammary gland” (2005-2009). Following the successful defense of my thesis, I participated in the COST research activity FA0802 “Feed for the Health” completing a STSM project entitled “Effect of various nutrients on the expression of plasminogen activator related genes in adipocytes and mammary epithelial cells”, which was realized in the Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety (VESPA) of the University of Milan, where I continued my stay for a further 3 months under University of Milan funds (2010). At the same time, I received a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) for postdoctoral research in Greece with a project entitled “Isolation of the regulatory regions of four ovine genes involved in the regulation of plasminogen activation” (2011), which I completed successfully at the Department of Animal Sciences and Aquaculture of AUA. Furthermore, I participated in a NADIR transnational access program (FP7, 2007-2013) by completing an action entitled “Analysis of allelic polymorphism at the MHC class II DRB1 locus in Greek dairy sheep breeds and its relationship with parasite resistance” (2012). During my employment as a postdoctoral researcher at the Agricultural University of Athens I also participated in three privately funded research projects: “Study of iron bioavailability in dairy products”, funding company: Biokid, (2010-2012), “The biological value of soy”, funding company: JSK Hellas, (2011-2012), “The effect of vitamin E in the antioxidant capacity of dairy cows”, funding company: DSM Nutritional Products, (2011-2012).

My next research step included my participation as a postdoctoral researcher in the project funded by GSRT entitled: “The role of stochastic epigenetic interactions in the coordination of the human antiviral response (STOCHAGEN)” and realized at the Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens (BRFAA) (2012-2013). My participation in the said project greatly enhanced my knowledge in molecular biology techniques. I then returned to the Laboratory of Animal Breeding and Husbandry in order to participate as a postdoctoral researcher in the project funded by GSRT entitled “Application of innovative technologies in the production of yoghurt with increased biofunctional properties”. My main role in this project was the evaluation of the immunomodulatory properties of yoghurt through the effect of its peptides on the gene expression of cytokines in immunocompetent cells. Finally, in 2015 I completed my first research project as a principal investigator. The project was entitled: "Effect of artificial and natural rearing on qualitative characteristics of lamb meat”, was funded by the Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment and Energy (YPAPEN), under the Action “AgroETAK: Research and Technology Development Innovation projects” and was implemented by the Hellenic Agricultural Organization “DEMETER”. The focus of this project was the evaluation of lamb meat quality through gene expression as well as the effect of artificial rearing on the transcriptome of adipose tissue. Since October 2017 I hold the position of Assistant Professor in Gene technology with application in the Animal Science field at the Laboratory of Animal Breeding and Husbandry

My research interests are focused, but not limited, on the regulation of gene expression and the epigenetic effects mediated by rearing and nutritional manipulations mainly in sheep but also in other production animals. Further research interests include the elucidation of mechanism of action of biofunctional ingredients derived from animal products, especially dairy products.


Selected scientific publications

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