Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate studies are divided into 10 semesters that last a total of 5 years. There are between 5-7 courses per semester  each comprising of 3 hours theoretical teaching and 2 hours laboratory practicals per week. It is mandatory for graduation that each student completes a 4-month practical training that can be carried out at any time after the 6thsemester. The students may spend this training period in the University's Experimental Facilities or animal production and aquaculture industries or research institutes. During their practical training the students are supervised by a member of the teaching personnel and their daily activities are recorded in a calendar. During the 10thsemester each student has to undertake a research or literature review study and finally present a thesis to the departmental staff and students. The thesis is supervised by a 3-member committee of the teaching personnel.

The Faculty has issued a list of educational credits for each course in accordance to E.U. guidelines. This enables the students to participate in educational programs of the E.U. (ERASMUS, SOCRATES etc) or visit other University Institutes abroad for a period equivalent to one academic semester, or to complete their laboratory practice.

The successful attendance of the studies leads to the acquisition of the Degree of Agronomist -Animal Scientist.