Background of Department of Animal Breeding and Husbandry

Since the Foundation of the Agricultural Faculty of Athens (1920), among others legislation also funded a tenure position in the Animal and Breeding Husbandry (Professor Ioannis Dimakopoulos 1921-1965), which according to the French and German academic models at the time, included the sectors of livestock farming, Mendelian genetics, dairy farming and the nutrition of farm animals.

The requirement for higher specialization in the sectors of management of farm animals, efficient production of animal products of quality and mainly the milk in the sector of nutrition of farm animals, led at the decade of the 60’s the creation of two independent tenure positions in the sector of Dairy Farming (1962) and another one in the Nutrition of Farm Animals (1964). After the retirement of Prof I. Dimakopoulos, professor A. Karantounias took over as head of the Department of Animal Husbandry. The educational and research aim of the Department was reformed and continuously adapted according to the up to date scientific challenges.

After the retirement of Prof A. Karantounias in 1976, head of the Department for a relatively small period of time, professor P. Kalaisakis took over as a Director of the Department of Nutrition, until the next head of the Department, Professor E. Rogdakis in 1979, who remained director of the Department until 2009 and gave very strong impetus in either the educational or research activities in the Departmenet. From September 2009 until August 2012 head of the Departmeny was Professor S. Deligeorgis. From September 2012 till now the head of the Department is Professor I. Politis.