Educational Activities

The educational activities of Laboratory General and Special Husbandry are focused on the theory and laboratorial exercises of the following courses in the students of Department of Science of Animal Production and Aquacultures:

•  Introduction to Animal Husbandry

•  Principles of Genetic Breeding and Improvement of farm animals

•  Physiology of Productive traits

•  Methods of Genetic Breeding and  Improvement of farm animals

•  Domestic Animal Ethology

•  Biotechnology of Animal Production

•  Animal Production and Environment

•  Animal Production Systems

•  Farming of Domestic Ruminants

•  Farming of Domestic non-ruminants


 Students from the other Departments of AUA are also taught by members of the Laboratory the course of “Animal Husbandry”.

Apart from the aforementioned educational activities, the laboratory of Animal Breeding and Husbandry actively participates in the European program “Socrates-Erasmus” for students’ exchange and teaching among the various European universities. Students from Spain, Italy and Czech Republic have also been trained in the Laboratory under this scheme.

Post graduate Course (the new postgraduate program)

Granted Diplomas

The Postgraduate Diploma of Specialty (PSP) grants:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma of Specialty (PSS)
  2. Doctoral Diploma of Sciences (Doctor of Philosophy: PhD)