Educational activities

Undergraduate Studies

The Science of Animal Nutrition deals mainly with the investigation of nutritional physiology in animals and the influence of nutrients on metabolism and various physiological functions.In detail, the chemical composition of feedstuffs, the properties and technology of feedstuffs, the metabolic fate of feed nutrients, from intake until utilization from the animals, the role of nutrients inphysiological processes, as well as their role in energy metabolism and their interactions with genes is systematically studied.

The training involves the teaching of each subject in theory, and in practice through laboratory practicals.In particular, the courses taught by the staff of the Department are:

1.Introduction to Biochemistry

2.Farm Animal Nutrition

3.Grazing Land Management

4.Nutrient Digestion and Metabolism

5.Feedstuffs and Feedstuffs Technology

6.Physiology of Nutrition

7.Applications of Biotechnology in Animal Science

8.Livestock Production - Environment

9.Ruminants Nutrition

10.Monogastrics Nutrition

11.Introduction to Human Nutrition


Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding participates:

  • In the organization and operation of the Postgraduate (MSc) Studies of the Faculty entitled “Livestock Production Systems – Nutrition and Feedstuffs Technology”.
  • In the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate (MSc) Studies entitled “Integrated Management of Production for Milk and Milk Products”, in cooperation with the Faculty of Dairy Science Technology.