Research Ethics Committee

What is the REC

   The Research Ethics Committee  of the  Department of Animal Science (ASA) and Aquaculture of the Agricultural University of Athens  is an advisory body for the academic staff of the Department.

   The REC evaluates the ethical issues of research projects carried out by members of the Department that include experimentation with animals.


   The Committee's task is to certify that the requirements of the Law and the ethical principles of the department have been taken into account when experiments with animals are carried out.

   The research proposals submitted to the Committee by the research staff of ASA must comply with the provisions of national and european legislation and the requirements of good research practice in terms of ethics and bioethics. The evaluation and certification of compliance is required for each experiment carried out in the department  where animals are used.


What is Bioethics

  • The reflection on the ethical, social and legal implications of applications of biological sciences

Why we need to assess the ethics of research proposals when they involve experimentation with animals?

  • For the self-assessment  of researchers to establish that  they comply with the rules of professional conduct in the university and national legistation.
  • To demonstrate to the Community that supports academic research,  that  specific rules of conduct are followed, which are developed taking into account the sensitivities of the society  for experimentation with animals.

What research proposals are evaluated by the bioethical Committee and ethics?

  • All those that include research with vertebrate animals, with genetically modified organisms and protected species.

What are the basic ethical principles in experimentation with animals?

  • Replacement of the use of animals with in vitro or in silico methods.
  • Reduction of the number of animals to a minimum for statistically reliable results.
  • Refinement of the experimental procedures to reduce the suffering of animals.