Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Study programme in "Livestock Production Systems"

Ongoing changes with respect to animal production systems along with increasing scientific and technological innovation has resulted in new demands for professionals in Animal Science.

The Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture at the Agricultural University of Athens, acknowledging the need for continuing education has organized and runs a Postgraduate Study programme in Livestock Production Systems.  

This program provides targeted education that meets the need for Animal Scientists with both theoretical and technical skills to service rapidly changing production animal industries in a rapidly changing globalized environment and give its graduates the ability to become leaders in academia, as well as in public and private sector.

The structure of the programme is oriented  towards a more sustainable production taking into account aspects like increased world demand and trade in animal origin food products, an increasing demand for a secure and safe food supply, paying at the same time considerable attention to environmental protection and animal welfare.

Courses are designed to enable students to acquire the latest scientific knowledge in the fields of animal nutrition, reproduction and health as well as in the field of improving the quality of products of animal origin

The mission of the Postgraduate Studies Programme is to promote the acquisition of advanced analytical, problem solving skills and conceptual insights that will enable students  to translate their knowledge to benefit producers and consumers.


Postgraduate Study programme in "Rearing of Aquatic Organisms"

Acknowledging the need for scientific support of one of the leading industries in Greece, i.e. Aquaculture, the Department of Applied Hydrobiology of the Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture, has organized and runs a Postgraduate Study program in the scientific field of “Rearing of Aquatic Organisms”. The program offers up to date scientific knowledge and deep insight, through both theoretical and practical courses, in order to promote and advance research and to provide the aquaculture industry with specialized and well educated staff able to use obtained knowledge for the benefit of producers and consumers. The general concept of the program is to promote sustainable aquaculture combining production of high quality aquatic products, environmental protection and welfare of farmed species.