Integrated Production Management of Milk and Dairy Products


Aim and Subjects

The aim of the Programme (PPS) is the advancement of education and research in (i) the scientific fields of Breeding, Husbandry, Nutrition, Reproduction and Health of dairy animals, (ii) Dairy Science and Technology, and (iii) the economic and financial aspects and regulations relating to dairy production. In this respect, the PPS aims at covering all stages of the dairy production chain (primary production-technology-consumer), taking into consideration the principles of Agricultural Economics and Policies connected to this sector.

Briefly, the objectives of the PPS are: (i) the advancement of scientific knowledge and research in the multidisciplinary field of Dairy Science and Technology, (ii) the specialization of high level scientists in the trends of milk production and processing, who will be able to staff the Civil Services, private enterprises, Academic and Research institutions, as well as International Organizations, and (iii) the training of scientists coming from foreign countries in the trends of Dairy Science and Technology.

The PPS is delivered over two academic Semesters on a full-time basis. The first Semester comprises advanced teaching courses of Dairy Science and Technology, Quality Control, Assurance and Legislation of Milk and Milk Products, Animal Breeding and Milk Production, Dairy Animal Nutrition, Physiology and Health of Dairy Animals, Rural Economics and Policies. In addition, there are elective courses in Dairy Products and Human Nutrition, Waste Management in Dairy Farming and Dairy Processing Industry and Selected Topics in Food Biochemistry. During the second Semester, the postgraduate students carry out a research project and submit a postgraduate thesis. Seminars and technical visits to milk production and processing units will also take place, during the second Semester.

The PPS is open to a wide range of graduates including Agriculturalists, Veterinarians, Chemists and others who hold an academic degree in Chemical or Biological Sciences and are interested in specializing in this particular area.



Dairy Science (40 Hours – 5 credit units), Dairy Technology (40 Hours – 5 credit units), Quality Control, Assurance and Legislation of Milk and Milk Products (16 Hours – 2 credit units), Animal Breeding and Milk Production (32 Hours – 4 credit units), Dairy ruminant nutrition (32 Hours – 4 credit units), Anatomy - Physiology and Hygiene of Dairy Animals (24 Hours – 3 credit units), Rural Economics and Policies (32 Hours – 4 credit units).


Dairy Products and Human Nutrition (24 Hours - 3 credit units), Waste management in dairy farming and processing industry (24 Hours - 3 credit units), Selected Topics in Food Biochemistry (24 Hours – 3 credit units), Biostatistics (24 Hours - 3 credit units).