Diploma Dissertation

How does it work?

The ‘Diploma Dissertation’ is an obligatory work required by each student and it should be submitted in electronic format for evaluation by the ‘Advisory and Examining Committee’. The ‘Diploma Dissertation’ can be based on (a) research activity pertaining to experimental laboratory or field work, as part of a research project given by the AUA or other institutions, (2) a technical and agro-economical study on Greek agriculture issues and (3) an in-depth literature review, falling within the Department’s undergraduate curriculum.

Primarily the student seeks for and applies to a ‘Diploma Dissertation’ position to any one of the Department of Animal Science laboratories. Alternatively, the student may apply for a position to other laboratories of the University. The subject of the study, the ‘Supervisor’ and the three-membered ‘Advisory and Examining Committee’ are assigned and approved by the Department General Assembly.

The topic of the ‘Diploma Dissertation’ is assigned to the student once he/she has successfully completed all course exams (theory and laboratory classes) of the first eight semesters. An exception is reserved for students that have failed to a maximum of three courses after accomplishing eight semesters.

‘Diploma Dissertation’ examination takes place in public and not before the student has successfully completed all course exams (theory and laboratory classes) of the curriculum. Examination date and time are set by the ‘Advisory and Examining Committee’, chaired by the ‘Supervisor’, at their discretion. During the examination the student presents his/her work and responds to questions or any issues raised by the committee members. Each member scores the student’s performance separately, the final grade for the ‘Diploma Dissertation’ being the average score of the examiners. The ‘Diploma Dissertation’ is graded successful if the final score is not less than five (5) and at least two examiners have given scores not less than five (5). In case of failure, the student should take a second exam, after correcting the thesis in accordance with the committee suggestions. In case of yet another failure, the student is then obliged to embark in a new ‘Diploma Dissertation’ effort in the same or in a different subject.


Download the Guide in PDF format and find out the requirements that your manuscript must meet (available in GR language only)


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