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Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding
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Pappas Athanasios

Associate Professor of Poultry Nutrition
Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding

Athanasios C. Pappas is an Associate Professor at Agricultural University of Athens (Greece). He graduated (2002) with a BSc in Agricultural Sciences from the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece). He then awarded a PhD from the University of Glasgow (UK) in 2006. The research conducted during his PhD studies was on poultry nutrition. Athanasios spent one year (2008-2009) as Postdoctoral researcher at Agricultural University of Athens. In 2010, he was appointed Lecturer and in 2016 Assistant Professor at the Department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding of the Agricultural University of Athens. His published scientific work includes but not limited to 73 peer-reviewed papers published in international journals, 1 book, 8 book chapters and 77 conference presentations, with h-index 24.
He was coordinator of 3 research projects, deputy coordinator of 4 research projects and participated in 19 projects. He is/ was supervisor of 2 PhD candidates and member of 10 PhD supervising or examination committees. He has supervised 8 MSc students and has been a member of the supervising committee of another 6 postgraduate students. He supervises/co-supervised more than 150 undergraduate students. The research interests focus on nutrition of poultry, food waste, antioxidants, trace elements and circular economy.
Research Interests
  • Antioxidant system in animal body with emphasis on antioxidant-pro-oxidant balance
  • The role of selenoproteins, selenium in free living animals, selenium sources for animals and human, supplemental sources of selenium, interactions between selenium and other trace elements
  • The role of maternal nutrition on antioxidant defense of developing offspring
  • The role of antioxidants on egg and meat quality
  • Metabolic fates of yolk lipid and individual fatty acids during embryonic development
  • Organo-selenium compounds and fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, hatchability and egg quality during storage
  • Mycotoxins and binders
  • Rare elements and elemental fingerprint
Recent Publications
  • GIAMOURI, E., PAPADOMICHELAKIS, G., PAPPAS, A.C., SIMITZIS, P.E., GALLIOU, F., PABLACK, N., ZENTEK, J., LASARIDI, K., FEGEROS, K., MANIOS, T., TSIPLAKOU, E. & ZERVAS, G. (2022) Μeat quality traits as affected by the dietary inclusion of food waste in finishing pigs. Sustainability 14, 6593
  • GEORGANAS, A., GIAMOURI, E., PAPPAS, A.C., PAPADOMICHELAKIS, G., FORTATOS, S., MANIOS, T., LASARIDI, K., FEGEROS, K., TSIPLAKOU, E. & ZERVAS, G. (2022) Redefining the future of catering waste application in animal diets. A review on the minimization of potential hazards in catering waste prior to application in animal diets. Animal Feed Science and Technology 289, 115334
  • ZOIDIS, E., PAPPAS, A.C., AL-WAELI A., GEORGIOU, C.A., DANEZIS, G.P. DEMIRIS, N., ZERVAS, G. & FEGEROS, K. (2020). Effects of selenium and zinc supplementation on cadmium toxicity in broilers. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 44: 331-336
  • GEORGANAS, A., GIAMOURI, E., PAPPAS, A.C., PAPADOMICHELAKIS, G., GALLIOU, F., MANIOS, T., TSIPLAKOU, E., FEGEROS, K. & ZERVAS, G. (2020) Bioactive compounds in food waste: a review on the transformation of food waste to animal feed. Foods 2020, 9, 291; doi:10.3390/foods9030291
  • DANEZIS, G.P., PAPPAS, A.C., TSIPLAKOU, E., PAPPA, E.C., ZACHARIOUDAKI, M., TSAGKARIS, A.S., PAPACHRISTIDIS, C.A., SOTIRAKOGLOU, K., ZERVAS, G. & GEORGIOU, C.A. (2020) Authentication of Greek Protected Designation of Origin cheeses through elemental metabolomics. International Dairy Journal 104: 104599