Department of Animal Science

Creating well-trained scientists capable of addressing the current challenges of the livestock industry

Welcome to the Department of Animal Science

The mission of the Department of Animal Science’s is to produce highly qualified scientists capable of applying the principles of biology, technology and economics to issues related to the production, management and conservation of productive animals and aquatic organisms suitable for mass production

Laboratories of the Department

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Laboratory of Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals

Anatomy, Histology-Embryology, Health…








Laboratory of
Animal Breeding & Husbandry

Gene Technology,  Genetic Selection…








Applied Hydrobiology

Breeding and Mass Production of Aquatic Organisms…








Laboratory of Nutritional
Physiology & Feeding

Nutritional Physiology, Applied Nutrition…


Professor Politis Ioannis, Professor Emeritus Zervas Georgios, Professor Mountzouris Konstantinos and Assoc. Professors Eleni Tsiplakou and Panagiotis Simitzis were included in the top 2% of the best scientists worldwide for the year 2023. [Stanford University Catalog 2023]