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Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding

Dimakopoulos Building, 1st Floor

Fegeros Konstantinos

Professor Emeritus of Feedstuffs Technology
Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding

Konstantinos Fegeros graduated (1981) from the Agricultural University of Athens. From 1981 to 1985 he conducted his doctorate in the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition (Department of Animal Science) at the same University. He was appointed as a research associate at the Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding (1981-1988), and then as a Lecturer (1988), Assistant Professor (1996), Associate Professor (2002) and Professor (2009). President of the National Foundation for Agricultural Research (2005-2007), President of the Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture (2009-2010) and Rector (2010-2014) of the Agricultural University of Athens. General Secretary of the Hellenic Society for Animal Production (since 2008).
Research Interests
  • Nutritive evaluation of feeds and feed additives
  • Applied animal nutrition with emphasis on monogastrics
  • Effects of feeding on animal product quality
Recent Publications
  • KC MOUNTZOURIS, V PARASKEUAS, E GRIELA, G PAPADOMICHELAKIS, K FEGEROS, 2020. Effects of phytogenic inclusion level on broiler carcass yield, meat antioxidant capacity, availability of dietary energy, and expression of intestinal genes relevant for nutrient absorptive and cell growth–protein synthesis metabolic functions. Animal Production Science 60 (2), 242-253
  • A GEORGANAS, E GIAMOURI, AC PAPPAS, G PAPADOMICHELAKIS, F GALLIOU, T. MANIOS, E. TSIPLAKOU, K. FEGEROS, G. ZERVAS, 2020. Bioactive Compounds in Food Waste: A Review on the Transformation of Food Waste to Animal Feed. Foods, 9 (3), 291
  • G PAPADOMICHELAKIS, K FEGEROS, 2020. Reliability of acid-insoluble ash as internal marker for the measurement of digestibility in rabbits. World Rabbit Science, 28 (1), 1-12
  • E ZOIDIS, AC PAPPAS, A AL-WAELI, CA GEORGIOU, GP DANEZIS, N DEMIRIS, G. ZERVAS, K. FEGEROS, 2020. Effects of selenium and zinc supplementation on cadmium toxicity in broilers. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, 44 (2), 331-336
  • KC MOUNTZOURIS, VV PARASKEUAS, K FEGEROS , 2020. Priming of intestinal cytoprotective genes and antioxidant capacity by dietary phytogenic inclusion in broilers. Animal Nutrition