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Laboratory of Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals
Dimakopoulos Building, 1st Floor

Chadio-Mantzari Styliani

Professor of Farm Animal Physiology
Head of the Laboratory of Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals

  • BSc, Department of Pharmacy, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1979
  • PhD, Department of Animal Science, Agricultural University of Athens, 1991
  • Lab. of Experimental Pharmacology, Endocrinology Unit, Medical School of Athens, 1979-1981
  • Dept. of Neuroendocrinology, School of Medicine, University of Oxford, UK, 1988-1989
  • Scientific Associate, Lab. of Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals, 1989-1994
  • Faculty member, Lab. of Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals, Dept. of Animal Science, 1994 – today.
Research Interests
  • Reproductive physiology and neuroendocrinology of reproduction.
  • Development and evaluation of protocols to control seasonal reproduction in small ruminants.
  • Interactions between nutrition and reproduction.
  • Effects of early life nutrition on subsequent metabolic and reproductive function in offspring (developmental programming), both from a human health and farm animal health and productivity perspective.
  • The role of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) in ovarian folliculogenesis and steroidogenesis).
  • Effects of micronutrients (selenium, iodine) on thyroid function and thyroid hormone metabolism in large animals and broilers.
  • Endocrinology of stress (in collaboration with the Dept. of Aquaculture).
Recent Publications
  • Chadio S., Kotsampasi B., Taka S., Liandris E., Papadopoulos N., Plakokefalos E.(2017). Epigenetic changes of hepatic glucocorticoid receptor in sheep male offspring undernourished in utero Reprod Fertil Dev. 29(10):1995-2004. doi: 10.1071/RD16276.
  • S.Chadio and B.Kotsampasi. Maternal Undernutrition and Developmental Programming: Implications for Offspring Reproductive Potential In: Handbook of Famine, Starvation, and Nutrient Deprivation V.R. Preedy,V.B. Patel (eds.),Springer International Publishing AG 2017 DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-40007-5_43-1.
  • Pappas A.C., Kotsampasi B.M., Kalamaras K., Fegeros K., Zervas G., Kalogiannis D. and Chadio S.E. (2018). Effects of concomitant selenium and vitamin E administration on thyroid hormone metabolism in broilers. Journal of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society, 68(3), 355-362.
  • Pappas AC, Zoidis E, Chadio SE. Maternal Selenium and Developmental Programming (2019). Antioxidants 25;8(5):145. doi: 10.3390/antiox8050145.
  • Simitzis, P. Kiriakopoulos, A.Symeon, G. Goliomytis, M. ,Kominakis, A. Chadio S., Pagonopoulou, O. Deligeorgis, S. (2019). Effect of prenatal overfeeding on the growth performance and postweaning behavioral parameters in rabbits Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 33, 38-45 MDPI).