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Laboratory of Animal Breeding & Husbandry
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Koutsouli Panagiota

Associate Professor of Animal Breeding
Laboratory of Animal Breeding & Husbandry

She graduated from the Higher Agricultural School of Athens from the Animal Production Department on 13-1-1988. She won an IKY scholarship after successful exams in November 1988 for a PhD thesis at the Agricultural University of Athens. She received her Ph.D. in December 1995 with a degree “excellent”. The title of her doctoral dissertation was: “Study of the genetic structure of the main Greek sheep breeds”. From October 1992 to April 1995 was researcher with contract in research programs of the Animal Breeding and Husbandry Laboratory. From 2005-2017 she was Lecturer, from August 2017 to December 2023 she was Assistant Professor, and from December 2023 to date is Associate Professor (Department of Animal Science) with a subject “Genetic Improvement of Farm Animals”. She had participated in six research projects (national and international) and she is author and co-author of 22 scientific publications.
Research Interests
  • Genetic relationships of livestock breeds
  • Genetic improvement of farm animals
  • Quality of sheep products
  • Population, biochemical and molecular Genetics of farm animals
  • Protein and DNA polymorphisms in sheep & goats
  • Genetic and Statistical analyses of population data from farm animals
Recent Publications
  • Klawatsch J., Papachristou D., Koutsouli P., Upadhyay M., Seichter D., Russ I., Mioč B., Simčič M., Bizelis I., Medugorac I. (2023): Genetic basis of ear length in sheep breeds sampled across the region from the Middle East to the Alps. Anim.Gen., 55, 123–133, doi.org/10.1111/age.13387
  • Pogorevc N., Dotsev A., Upadhyay M., Sandoval-Castellanos E., Hannemann E., Simčič M., Antoniou A., Papachristou D., Koutsouli P., Rahmatalla S., Brockmann G., Sölkner J., Burger P., Lymberakis P., Poulakakis N., Bizelis I., Zinovieva N., Horvat S., Medugorac I. (2023): Whole-genome SNP genotyping unveils ancestral and recent introgression in wild and domestic goats, Mol.Ecology, 00, 1-15, doi:10.1111/mec.17190.
  • Massouras T., Charmanta A.A., Koutsouli P., Masoura M., Politis I., Hettinga K. (2023): The effect of milking frequency, breed, and stage of lactation on the milk fat globule size and fatty acid composition in sheep’s milk. Foods 2023, 12, 2446. doi.org/10.3390/ foods12132446
  • Papadaki K., Laliotis G.P., Koutsouli P., Bizelis I. (2023): Association of personality traits with maintenance and social behaviour of rams (Ovis aries), Small Rum. Res., Vol 220, March 2023, 106928, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.smallrumres.2023.106928
  • Emilio-Katsoulakou M., Papachristou D., Kostaras N., Laliotis G.P., Bizelis I., Cothran E.G., Juras R., Koutsouli P. (2023): Genetic variability of small horse populations from Greek islands, Black Sea J. of Agri., Volume 6 – Issue 2/ March 2023, doi: 10.47115/bsagriculture.1165045
  • Nikolaou K., Koutsouli P., Laliotis G.P, Papachristou D., Bizelis I. (2022): Comparative analysis of buffalo, local and continental cattle carcasses with the European Union classification system in Greece. Meat Sci., vol.195, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.meatsci.2022.109018