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Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology
Dimakopoulos Building, Underground Floor

Malandrakis Emmanouil

Assistant Professor of Production of Aquatic Organisms
Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology

Emmanouil Malandrakis serves as an Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology, Department of Animal Science of the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. He received his Diploma (integrated master), MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Thessaly, Greece and has been trained in molecular biotechnology (EMBL – Heidelberg) and laboratory fish science (IMR – Bergen). He speaks Greek (native speaker), English (fluently) and Spanish (very good). He has extended experience in research project management and has worked as a production manager in the dairy industry
Research Interests
  • Functional genomics in marine species: gene expression and epigenetic modifications
  • Molecular endocrinology: function of antioxidant mechanisms and glucocorticoid receptor
  • Selective breeding assisted with molecular markers
  • Developmental biology and evolution
  • Population molecular genetics and ecophysiology
  • Broodstock management
Recent Publications
  • Psofakis, P., Karapanagiotidis, I.T., Malandrakis, E.E., Golomazou, E., Exadactylos, E., and E. Mente (2020) Effect of fishmeal replacement by hydrolyzed feather meal on growth performance, proximate composition, digestive enzyme activity, haematological parameters and growth-related gene expression of gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata). Aquaculture. 521: 735006
  • Kavouras, M., Malandrakis, E.E., Danis, T., Blom, E., Anastassiadis, K., Panagiotaki, P., and A. Exadactylos (2019) Hox genes polymorphism depicts developmental disruption of common sole eggs. Open Life Sciences. 14: 549–563
  • Gkafas, G.A., Hatziioannou, M., Malandrakis, E.E., Tsigenopoulos, C.S., Karapanagiotidis, I.T., Mente, E., Vafidis, D., and A. Exadactylos (2019) Heterozygosity fitness correlations and generation interval of the Norway lobster in the Aegean Sea, eastern Mediterranean. Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki 26:14
  • Kavouras, M., Malandrakis, E.E. Golomazou E., Konstantinidis, I., Blom, E., Arjan P. Palstra, AP, Anastassiadis K., Panagiotaki, and A. Exadactylos (2019) Hox gene expression profiles during embryonic development of common sole. Animal Biology. 69(2): pp. 183-198
  • Karapanagiotidis, I.T., Psofakis, P., Mente, E., Malandrakis, E.E. and E. Golomazou (2018) Effect of fishmeal replacement by poultry by-product meal on growth performance, proximate composition, digestive enzyme activity, haematological parameters and gene expression of gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata). Aquaculture Nutrition. 25(1): pp. 3-14