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Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding
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Papadomichelakis George

Associate Professor of Monogastric Herbivores Nutrition
Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding

George Papadomichelakis graduated (1996) with a BSc in Agricultural Sciences from the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece) and MSc. in Agricultural Engineering. He then attained a PhD in Animal Nutrition at the Agricultural University of Athens in 2001. George spent six months (2004) as visitor researcher at the School of Veterinary Sciences (University of Bristol) and two years (2004-2006) as Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Agricultural University of Athens, where he was then (2006) appointed as Lecturer, Assistant Professor (2013) and Associate Professor (2020) at the Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding (Department of Animal Science) in the specialization topic “Animal Nutrition with emphasis on Monogastric Herbivores“.
Research Interests
  • Nutritive evaluation of feedstuffs
  • Efficacy of additives (organic acids, trace elements, etc.) in animal nutrition
  • Fortifying animal products with bio-functional ingredients through nutritional treatments
  • Evaluation of inert markers for the calculation of feed digestibility
  • Development of methods for predicting feed digestibility using near-infrared reflection spectroscopy (NIRS)
  • Laboratory preparation and experimental evaluation of innovative nanomaterials in animal feeding
Recent Publications
  • Fortatos, E., Hadjigeorgiou, Ι., Fegeros, K., Papadomichelakis, G. (2022) The use of phytogenic silica as internal marker for the measurement of feed digestibility in rabbits. Animal Feed Science and Technology 292: 115440.
  • Papadomichelakis, G., Palamidi, I., Paraskeuas, V.V., Giamouri, E., Mountzouris, K.C. (2023) Evaluation of a natural phytogenic formulation as an alternative to pharmaceutical zinc oxide in the diet of weaned piglets. Animals 13: 431
  • Giamouri, E., Fortatos, E., Pappas, A.C., Papadomichelakis, G. (2023) Comparative study between dietary nanoelemental, inorganic, and organic selenium in broiler chickens: effects on meat fatty acid composition and oxidative stability. Sustainability 15: 9762.
  • Paraskeuas, V.V., Papadomichelakis, G., Brouklogiannis, I.P., Anagnostopoulos, E.C., Pappas, A.C., Simitzis, P., Theodorou, G., Politis, I. & Mountzouris, K.C. (2023) Dietary inclusion level effects of yoghurt acid whey powder on performance, digestibility of nutrients and meat quality of broilers. Animals 13: 3096.
  • Fortatos, S., Hadjigeorgiou, I., Mountzouris, K.C. & Papadomichelakis, G. (2023) Real-time monitoring of fecal nitrogen excretion to the environment using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy: a preliminary study in rabbits. Environments 10: 210.