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Laboratory of Animal Breeding & Husbandry
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Hager-Theodorides Ariadne Loukia

Associate Professor of Gene Technology in Farm Animals
Laboratory of Animal Breeding & Husbandry

She is an assistant professor of “Gene technology in farm animals” at the department of Animal Science, Agricultural University of Athens, since 2010. In 2022 she was appointed as Associate Professor in the same topic. She graduated from the department of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology (AUA-1996) and received a PhD and DIC title from the faculty of Biological Sciences of Imperial College London (2002). She worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Imperial College London (2001-2007) and UCL (2007), in the field of immunobiology and molecular genetics. From 2007 to 2010 she works as a scientific advisor at the Hellenic National Bioethics Commission.
Research Interests
  • Genomic and transcriptomic studies of farm animals aiming at the understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying productive and morphological traits
  • Population genetic studies and management of local breeds of sheep and horses
Recent Publications
  • Tarsani, E., Kranis, A., Maniatis, G., Avendano, S., Hager-Theodorides, A.L., Kominakis, A. Deciphering the mode of action and position of genetic variants impacting on egg number in broiler breeders BMC Genomics. 2020; 21(1):512
  • Neofytou MC, Miltiadou D, Sfakianaki E, Constantinou C, Symeou S, Sparaggis D, Hager-Theodorides AL, and Tzamaloukas O. The use of ensiled olive cake in the diets of Friesian cows increases beneficial fatty acids in milk and Halloumi cheese and alters the expression of SREBF1 in adipose tissue Journal of Dairy Science. 2020; 103(10), pp. 8998-9011.
  • Tarsani, E., Kranis, A., Maniatis, G., Avendano, S., Hager-Theodorides, A.L., Kominakis, A. Discovery and characterization of functional modules associated with body weight in broilers Scientific Reports. 2019; 9 (1), art. no. 9125.
  • Saridaki, A., Antonakos, G., Hager-Theodorides, A.L., Zoidis, E., Tsiamis, G., Bourtzis, K., Kominakis, A. Combined haplotype blocks regression and multi-locus mixed model analysis reveals novel candidate genes associated with milk traits in dairy sheep Livestock Science. 2019; 220: 8-16.
  • Goliomytis, M., Simitzis, P., Papalexi, A., Veneti, N., Hager-Theodorides, A.L., Charismiadou, M.A., Deligeorgis, S.G. Influence of citrus flavonoids on laying hen performance, inflammatory immune response, egg quality and yolk oxidative stability British Poultry Science. 2019; 60(3): 272-278.