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Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding
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Tsiplakou Eleni

Professor of Ruminants Nutrition
Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology & Feeding

Dr. Eleni Tsiplakou is an Associate Professor at the Department of Animal Science, where she is teaching Ruminants Nutrition. She received her BSc. MSc. and PhD in Animal Nutrition from the Agricultural University of Athens and she conducted post-doctoral research at Reading University and at the Agricultural University of Athens. She has published so far, 66 research papers in peer reviewed journals and 104 abstracts in national and international conferences. She was principal investigator in 4 research projects and has participation in 23 Research projects 5 of which are funded by the EU.
Research Interests
  • Gas chromatography for the determination of fatty acids in biological samples (milk, meat, blood, adipose tissue, liver, animal feed, pasture, microalgae, etc.) of ruminants
  • Molecular RNA isolation techniques from biological samples (secretory breast cells, adipose tissue, liver, etc.) for the determination of gene expression by RT-PCR in ruminants
  • Molecular DNA isolation techniques from ruminal fluid to identify and count the number of microorganisms in the rumen by RT-PCR
  • Determination of enzyme activity in milk, blood and rumianal fluid
Recent Publications

Ch. Christodoulou, A. Mavrommatis, D. Loukovitis, G. Symeon, V. Dotas, B. Kotsampasi and *E. Tsiplakou, 2023. Inclusion of Camelina sativa Seeds in Ewes’ Diet Modifies Rumen Microbiota. Animals, 13 (3), 377.

Christodoulou, B. Kotsampasi, V. Dotas, M. Simoni, F. Righi, *E. Tsiplakou, 2023. The effect of Spirulina supplementation in ewes’ oxidative status and milk quality. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 295, 115544.

Kyriakaki, F. Zisis, A. C. Pappas, A. Mavrommatis and *Ε. Tsiplakou, 2023. Effects of PUFA-Rich Dietary Strategies on Ruminants’ Mammary Gland Gene Network: A Nutrigenomics Review. Metabolites, 13, 44.

Christodoulou, A. Mavrommatis, M. Simoni, F. Righi, B. Prandi, T. Tedeschi, S. Sforza, *E. Tsiplakou, 2022. The amino acids profile of Camelina sativa seeds correlates with the strongest immune response in dairy ewes. Animal, 16, 100621.

S. Carta, E. Tsiplakou, P. Nicolussi, G. Pulina and A. Nudda, 2022. Effects of spent coffee grounds on production traits, haematological parameters, and antioxidant activity of blood and milk in dairy goats. Animal 16(4), 100501.