Laboratory of Animal Breeding & Husbandry

The Laboratory equipment and general facilities serve the educational as well as the research activities in the scientific fields of livestock farming, physiology of productive traits, domestic animal ethology and welfare, genetic breeding and improvement, gene technology and biotechnology and quality of farm products.

The experimental studies involve the area of metabolism of adipose tissue, enzyme and hormonal detection, isolation and detection of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), the qualitative control of products of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs etc.), the phylogenetic analysis based on different sources of genetic diversity. In this context the applied methods and techniques involved are from Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology combined with the necessary infrastructure and instrumentation, like IT (Information Technology) facilities (e.g. networked computers and peripherals etc.), and laboratory spaces of experimentation with safety provision and storage of biological materials, needless to say, these would be impossible to conduct the relevant research without.

The Laboratory of Animal Breeding and Husbandry has the responsibility of management of the farm animals in the animal Experimental Stations of the Department. The farm allocates stable installations for the stock farming of veal calves, sheep and hens (dairy cows and sheep milk stations, egg hatching, nestling growth chambers and spaces for the storage and forage production).

The Laboratory of Animal Breeding and Husbandry accommodates in its premises:

  • Deionised and distilled water purification system

  • Gases abductor cabinets (hoods) for volatile solvents and reagents

  • Spectrophotometers

  • Cooling bench top centrifuges, pH-meters of various types

  • Ice machines, refrigerators +4oC and freezers at -20oC and -80oC and liquid nitrogen tanks for storage and preservation of biological material

  • Lab space allocated exclusively for the use of radioactive material, Geiger-Müller counter, nucleic acid hybridization chambers and dark room for the film development (autoradiography)

  • Fully equipped cell culture room (incubators, hoods and modern microscopes)

  • Fast autoclaves for the sterilization of nutritious and other liquid materials and constant temperature stirrers for the microbiological cultures

  • Fully equipped electrophoretic apparatus for DNA and proteins with the necessary image processing apparatus

  • Thermo cycler devices (PCR machines) for the selective amplification of nucleic acids and light cycler (Real Time PCR)

  • Instruments for measuring meat tenderness

  • Flow Cytometry Facility equipped with an analyzer and a cell sorter,

  • Next generation sequencing facility equipped with an Illumina Miseq sequencer



Laboratory of Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals


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