Social Impact

The Department of Animal Science since its foundation, has as fundamental objective the utilization of the progress made in science, in order to develop new and advanced products and services, the promotion of knowledge with research and teaching, thereby contributing to the graduation of qualified and responsible scientists. The contribution of Animal Science in the fields of industry, food, primary production and environment is significant. The Department of Animal Science has contributed to the academic, economic, social and cultural development of the AUA and the country:


A. At the academic level:

  • Develops new fields, but also other interdisciplinary high level research topics, in combination with the application of modern technologies, in the undergraduate and postgraduate study program, to ensure an integrated professional career for students.
  • Creates agreements/collaborations with national, European and other foreign educational and research institutions for exchange of students, young researchers, and the transfer and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Supervises the publication of high quality scientific articles, journals and books at national and international level.


B. At the economic level:

  • Implements research programs funded by national, European and other foreign organizations and provides research jobs to young scientists.
  • Provides research services to national and worldwide industries, collaborations and services to other research teams, inside and outside the institution, in a wide range of topics.
  • Collaborates with industry to transfer technology and knowledge so as to improve production processes and develop new products.


C. At the social and cultural level:

  • Organizes scientific conferences and seminars to transfer and disseminate knowledge to the society.
  • Participates in counseling activities for academic studies and vocational rehabilitation for pupils, students, young scientists and young professionals in the field of animal farming.


Department of Animal Science


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